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Foil SSH Dictionary Attacks with sshutout
By: Bill DuPree on: Wed 31 of May, 2006 [15:37 UTC] (12346 reads)

Are your Linux server logs filling up with failed SSH login attempts? The sshutout utility daemon just might help you with this problem.

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A Sudoku Solver in C
By: Bill DuPree on: Mon 06 of Mar, 2006 [19:47 UTC] (12815 reads)

Memes Gone Wild!
Sudoku addiction spirals out of control! Details inside...

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Installing Slackware on a Soekris Net4801
By: admin on: Sun 12 of Dec, 2004 [23:17 UTC] (9491 reads)
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Embedded Linux:

Running Slackware 10.0 on a Soekris net4801.

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Woodward Dream Cruise
By: wdupre1 on: Tue 24 of Aug, 2004 [01:16 UTC] (17813 reads)
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What happens when you combine 1.6 million people, 30,000 fantastic cars, and several miles of perfect cruisin' road?

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